INCA TRAIL (Camino Inka)

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Welcome to my description of my experience on the Inca Trail.  Before I left for Peru, I searched the web for Inca Trail information.  I found some, but not as much as I would have liked.  This web site presents some information on what I think other people might find useful on their trip to Peru and the Inca Trail.

02.gif (1290 bytes)    Preparation   (Guided trip or solo? -- equipment)

02.gif (1290 bytes)    Inca Trail Map   71KB Graphic (Note that North is on bottom of page --one of those southern hemisphere things?)

02.gif (1290 bytes)    Day 1

02.gif (1290 bytes)    Day 2

02.gif (1290 bytes)    Day 3

02.gif (1290 bytes)    Day 4 at Machu Picchu

Elevation and Distance for 4 Day Trip